Thriller Moves

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Wanda begins the Thriller-style dance fighting of the uncroaked on Page 127



The plan required the following resources:

The Plan

This plan occurs on Parson's fourth day in Erfworld, and the last day of the Battle for Gobwin Knob, although Parson does not realize this (or want it). Parson knows that he is greatly outnumbered by the forces of the Royal Crown Coalition. Ansom has ordered those troops through breaches in the Outer Wall, and Parson has had to retreat behind the walls of the Courtyard. He wants to massacre a large number of those troops, so he prepares to create a mullinex at the first breach in the wall by stacking as many bonuses as he can, while eliminating bonuses from the enemy troops.

To achieve this, Parson orders Sizemore to attack Leadership targets on the outside of the walls, taking Shockmancy scrolls with him. Wanda prepares to set up a force of dance fighting uncroaked behind the first breach in the wall. Parson believes that without Leadership, the enemy Units will be forced to auto-attack with low bonuses, against Wanda's uncroaked which would have her "massive" bonus, Parson's Leadership for being in the same city, potentially a second bonus from having Parson as Chief Warlord in the same stack, and a bonus for Dance Fighting.


Sizemore succeeds in crapping Duke Nozzle and the Blue Warlord, as well as a small number of troops to a Crap Golem explosion.

The breach is made, and Wanda sets up to greet the invaders. Ansom orders troops to charge through the gap. At first, Parson is confused by this. Ansom flies on his Flying Carpet to the Archons in the Airspace above the City and prepares a secret plan. Not long after, Ansom unrolls the Carpet and uses it to float above and in sight of the invading Royal Crown Coalition troops. The Archons create a spell effect that simulates Dance Dance Revolution, while Ansom demonstrates the dance for the troops. The troops begin dancing, negating Parson's Dance Fight bonus, while Ansom's Leadership and Chief Warlord effects serve to counter Wanda's bonus and Parson's presence. Additionally, the Arkenpliers provide an artifact bonus, countering any terrain effects. Though it appears the RCC may not have enough bonuses to completely eliminate Parson's work, they have numbers on their side. Finally, a second breach is made in the Courtyard walls, and Parson is forced to fall back.

Royal Crown Coalition captures the Courtyard and Parson retreats to his forces to the Dungeon. There he can set the mullinex up again, but with more than one entrance, he cannot stop the RCC with just Wanda. Ansom cannot continue the DDR tactic, because Airspace cannot be seen from Dungeon, so Wanda does continue to be extremely effective, but she is holding only a single entrance to the Dungeon.