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Proposed Canon

Thinking alike is the Great Minds' terminology for sharing and organizing knowledge. Language is one rudimentary means of doing so, but Thinkamancers have far greater options available to them. The exact details of Thinking Alike is one of the Thinkamancers' secrets.


Caster Links

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States 2 and 3 are referred to as caster links. They allow the Thinkamancer to mentally connect with other casters, manage their thoughts, and combine their disciplines.

Trance Fusions

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States 5 to 7 are known as trance-fusions. The Great Minds frequently use these to perform significant amounts of planning in relatively short periods of time. State 7 is the highest ever achieved, and has only been done so far in the Temple of the Thinkamancers. State 7 requires at least 5 master class Thinkamancers to participate. Among other things, State 7 allows casting Eyemancy on a massive scale. For example, in Hvs.tCF 139, they cast a collide-o-scope spell targeted at the entire Magic Kingdom.


States 8-11 are believed to be possible, but for a long time were only theoretical.

During the Battle of the Magic Kingdom, the Great Minds in the form of Big Think were forced to enter State 8 for the first time by Charlie's attack on the Temple of the Thinkamancers.

It was impossible for them to linkup to the same degree with other casters, but they were nevertheless able to form an 8.1 with Dirtamancer Ivan Poe.Hvs.tCF 267 They later requested that Wanda and Claud Gauntlet join up, suggesting that this form of Thinking Alike can connect more than 3 disciplines together. It has been shown to retain the disciplines linked up to it even after the casters that originally contributed them departed from the link.

State 8 has demonstrated the ability to scry beyond the Magic Kingdom all the way into the city of Transylvito. It is also capable of outright mind control.

However, whether as a natural consequence, or due to being forced to cram themselves into Isaac's body, State 8 has proven highly perilous. The resulting gestalt entity is only barely held together by Shockmancy. It fully expects to croak upon running out of juice or the next start of turn reset unless it gets to use the Arkendish to sort out its g-strings.

Real World References

See the great minds think alike Wiktionary article.

The fact that the highest state believed possible is state 11 is a possible reference to the phrase, "up to eleven".