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Proposed Canon

The City of Homekey's Palace has an "architectural hiccup" known as The Space. It's a private tavern for those in the know, often filled with Homekey units regardless of rank or station. Warlords, courtiers, and Homekey's lone caster meet there frequently to partake of Winemancy, drink, and be merry. However, common infantry or Delkey units haven't been seen there.

The Space's origins are accidental. King Posbrake designed the city and palace to be unique, curved, and beautiful. However this created a long, irregular empty hollow just below street level, running along the eastern side of the building. While the rest of the palace adheres to an orderly floor numbering scheme or has room names, The Space doesn't. An unknown courtier discovered it and dragged in chairs and tables, and rolled in a few casks of wine. It's big enough to seat about 30 units. [1]

Chief of Staff Bucky Bits is sure King Posbrake knows about The Space, but doesn't discuss it.[2]

Real World References

Keeping with the keyboard theme, The Space is a reference to a keyboard's space bar.

Common infantry haven't been seen there, making it's atmosphere seem like an officer's club.


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