The Principles of Peace

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Proposed Canon

The Principles of Peace is a book (or a set of books or writings) authored by King Banhammer of Faq first mentioned in IPTSF Text 58.


Lord Crush, who read a copy supplied by the library of an allied side, describes it as being mostly comprised of useless sophistry, filled with lofty and impractical advice for living and ruling. The work lays forth a series of Principles and a Hierarchy of Good, likely among other ideas.

The Principles shown include:

  • Principle of Mutual Benefit - presumably about working in two parties best interests simultaneously
  • Principle of Generosity - presumably about free giving between parties to encourage peace

The Hierarchy of Good appears to be about weighing different values of Erfworld by important to the greater good. The Service of Wisdom ranks higher than the Services of Life, Love, Harmony, and others.

Real World References

Likely a reference to the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistance (or the Panchsheel Treaty) that originated in India which feature five principles for peaceful relationships with their neighbor China. This oriental reference fits with the known Canon, art, and feel of Faq.