The Magic War

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Wars of Stanley the Tool
Stanley's Historic Battles, The Gobwin Knob Campaign, Destruction of Unaroyal, Assault on Jetstone, Faq's Homeward Blitz, The Magic War

The Magic War
Siege of Spacerock, Battle of Portal Park, Battle of the Magic Kingdom

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Parson Gotti's meddling in the Magic Kingdom results in the end of the Magic Kingdom's neutrality and sets it at war. With the tremendous disruption in the status quo, many of Charlie's own underhanded deeds in the Magic Kingdom start coming to light.

Some factions, namely the Predictamancers, Hippiemancers, and Eyemancers, who seek to use the Perfect Warlord for their own agendas, take Gobwin Knob's side. Likewise, all Dirtamancers, Naughtymancers, and Stagemancers side with Charlescomm. The Clevermancers, Findamancers, and Weirdomancers express hatred for both sides. The rest of the Magic Kingdom remains indifferent.

The Great Minds eventually betray Gobwin Knob. They let Wanda's enforcement council sentence her to death and have both Gobwin Knob and Charlescomm censured for using Arkentools, which are ruled OP.