The Calling of Ansom

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Ansom and Parson duel with words on Page 92


The day after his failure to protect the dwagons involved in the raids on the siege train, Parson has little to work with. Stanley has begun the day by giving all Units orders to either attend him or return to Gobwin Knob, preventing Parson from using any Units offensively. Parson decides to do the only things he can: he decides to play mindgames with the enemy.


The plan required the following resources:

The Plan

Parson plans to throw Ansom off his game by getting him emotional. This emotion will prime the pump for the next day, when Ansom will see thousands of his troops become uncroaked. Parson knows from conversations with Wanda (who got much of her information from Jillian) that Ansom is a firm believer in the right of Royalty to rule. Parson, who comes from a place where Royalty no longer has significant meaning, plans on pushing on this button first.


Unfortunately, Stanley interrupts Maggie and prevents the call from concluding normally.

Although it is clear that Parson appears to get what he wants, Ansom does not over-react and change his plans. Ansom had recently learned of Faq and Stanley's retreat to there, and had already arranged to send his air-capable forces to intercept. This does not change. His second plan for the day was for Webinar to lead Jetstone and Marbit forces into Tunnels as the primary assault on the city. Beyond temporarily making Ansom angry, no short term results are identifiable. The next day, however, Ansom decides to launch a major assault against Gobwin Knob against the advice of his advisors from the other Capital Sides: it is possible this over-confidence was a direct result of Parson enraging him the day before. It's also plausible that Ansom's desire to accept Parson's surrender in person was in order to prove that he was right and rub this in Parson's face, directly leading to his death.