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I'm Coming For You Stanley City
Race: Temple
Faction: Faq
Special: Sentinel

Proposed Canon

First appearance: Hvs.tCF 289

Name revealed: Hvs.tCF 315

Templeton is the name given by Marie to the awakened tower of the city of I'm Coming For You Stanley.

Real World References

The name might refer to the John Templeton Foundation, which funds research into philosophical questions, or to its founder, Sir John Marks Templeton, a billionaire British investor who made his riches on investments in cheap stocks during the Great Depression just prior to World War II.

Templeton is also the name of a cynical, often pessimistic rat in the children's novel Charlotte's Web.

Templeton's architecture is from the ancient site of Tell Brak, including both the elongated head and the "Eyes" figurines.