Temple of the Thinkamancers

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Proposed Canon

The Temple of the Thinkamancers is a location in the Magic Kingdom under the purview of Eyemancers, specifically the Thinkamancers, and is ruled and maintained by the Great Minds that Think Alike.

It is constructed from polarized Stuff, designed long ago but recently modified as a refuge for Thinkamancers. Cosmic vibrations, the basis of thinkamancy, are unable to penetrate it, meaning Charlie, the Arkendish, and any snooping Lookamancers cannot spy on or attack anyone within.

In front of the Temple is a park, filled with devices designed by Headmaster Isaac to study the frequencies of various thinkamancies, and aid in accessing multiple nodes quickly. From the description, it resembles a playground.

The temple is reserved for the Great Minds. Most people, including normal Thinkamancers, are prohibited from entering the temple except under special circumstances.

While the Great Minds have no official ranks among themselves, they reserve certain types of seating according to how high a Great Mind has risen in their collective esteem, going from yoga mats to bean bag chairs and futons, all the way up to recliners and sofas.

Inside the Temple, speaking aloud is taboo. Instead, everyone inside, including the rare non-Thinkamancer they may allow in, is supposed to sub-vocalize whatever thoughts and feelings they wish to communicate, much like how the eyebooks operate. The result is a sort of abstract, mental web forum.

The Temple maintains an archive of every decision tree the Great Minds have formed within. It is also linked to the spellbindings the Great Minds use to enforce Badness, and will receive a report should a Baddie commit a serious violation and be croaked by it.

Decrypted Gobwin Knob troops loyal to Wanda were garrisoned near the temple, but all of them were dusted or captured in the Battle of Portal Park.

During the Battle of the Magic Kingdom, Charlie smuggled explosives under the temple and destroyed it.Hvs.tCF 242

Real-World References

The architecture of the Temple generally resembles that of the Parthenon in Greece.

The colored pillars may be a reference to the Museum-Go-Round in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.