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I've found out that both this template and Template:Paneler/prev are in terrible state and require long overdue fixing. It's supposed to have logic "if last panel of the page then BookX (n+1):1, else BookX n:(p+1), with overrides. However:

  1. the lookup for the number of panels is taken not from {{BookX_page_info|...|paramname=panels}} but from, believe it or not Template:TBFGK Panellist, which is the useless old static lookup of Book1 panelcounts. So, basically, in all the Book2, Book3, Book4, Book5 panel pages there has to be the override panel count variable specified, which i find stupid and useless because of keeping up the page_info template.
  2. there is a lot of unnecessary usage of Template:blrep where just {{{1|foo}}} would suffice.
  3. we have params prev and next in page_info template, so we shouldn't even need overrides for prev/next at all, really. This is likely remaining from the old TBFGK wiki stuff just like point 1.
  4. mixing up the order of parameters from the call of paneler to this template is useless and makes stuff unintuitive. 3 becomes 1, 8 becomes 2, 1 becomes 3, 9 becomes 4, 2 becomes 5, 10 becomes 6. How readable!..

I intend to fix all of this stuff unless someone wants to stop me. Though maybe not today. Point 3 resulted in wrong next links of last panels (wrong prev links of first panels) on the book 4 pages after the book3/4 split because even thouh we corrected the numbers in the page_info data, they are still written again all over in all panels with overrides. Clearly, the person doing this isn't well versed on e.g. DB consistency rules / impacts of copy-pasting.</grumble> --DukeBG (talk) 11:37, 28 December 2018 (EST)