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Documentation is at Template:Paneler/doc. edit

Template to compile all of the panel by panel information from its sub-pages.

WARNING: this is still a work in progress.

This template is for automatically generating a "next page"/"previous page" breadcrumb. It also automatically includes an image with the panel name, if one exists according to the standardised imagename format, (canon name)_(page)-(panel).jpg. Nonstandard imagenames can be included manually of course.


  • {{{1}}} is the page number. It is mandatory.
  • {{{2}}} is the panel number, also mandatory.
  • (optional) {{{3}}} is the article name that goes before the page number. For example, for the Battle for Gobwin Knob pages, this is "TBFGK" as in TBFGK 1:1 or TBFGK 10:4.
  • If left blank, this option defaults to TBFGK.
  • Automatic crop function (optional)
{{{4}}} , {{{5}}} is the top left corner
{{{6}}} , {{{7}}} is the bottom right corner
  • {{{8}}} is the previous page (overrides default -1 from current page). Pass BEGIN for the first page not to render prev link
  • {{{9}}} is the next page (overrides default +1 from current page)
  • {{{10}}} is the number of panels (overrides the function lookup)
  • {{{11}}} is the optional image extention (default is .jpg)

Panel specific files should use the filenames of the form File:TBFGK_3-2.jpg (for page 3, panel 2). If the auto-cropping function is used the filename should be of the form File:TBFGK_37.jpg and the entire page is uploaded as a single file. The easiest way to get the file right is to just create a page that will include the paneler template first, and then use the link.


 |page number
 |panel on page
 |article name that goes before the page number (TBFGK, Klog, etc)
 |Auto crop left X coordinate
 |Auto crop upper Y coordinate
 |Auto crop right X coordinate
 |Auto crop lower Y coordinate
 |previous panel (overrides the default +1)
 |next panel (overrides the default -1)
 |number of panels on page (overrides the function lookup)


Using the code


would display all of the following:

Book (TBFGK)
Page by page (2)
Panel by panel (2:5)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:1
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

Previous TBFGK 2:4 Next: TBFGK 2:6

TBFGK 2.jpg

(5 / 13)
Previous TBFGK 2:4 Next: TBFGK 2:6

TBFGK 3.jpg

Manpower the Temporary continues to stare forward, unmoving.


Gobwin: My lord...?

Manpower the Temporary: I can taste key lime pie.[1]