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Documentation is at Template:Pager nopic/doc. edit

The is a "no picture" version of the pager template, for use with pure text updates. There is no panel by panel set of links and no image. Text content goes in the calling article, under the template call.


  • {{{1}}} is the page number or page name. It is mandatory. For example, "Prologue 14".
  • (optional) {{{2}}} is the article name that goes before the page number. For example, for the Battle for Gobwin Knob pages, this is "TBFGK" as in TBFGK 1 or TBFGK 10.
  • If left blank, this option defaults to TBFGK.

This template doesn't use any image files and shouldn't be called for updates with images.

The text of updates using this template should go in the article itself, under the template call.


This template is for automatically generating a page header section for text updates. It generates a "next page"/"previous page" breadcrumb.

 |page number (mandatory)
 |article prefix (optional)


{{pager nopic|Prologue 14|LIAB}}

Would display the following:

Book (LIAB)
Page by page (Prologue 14)

Page Info

Turn Number:17 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob