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Did you know that any registerd user can change the content on the Main Page? It's easy! Just use the Main Page Control Panel! If you want to mess around with the Featured Article, just click the link below. If you wanna add more info to {{Didyouknow}}, just click that. It's easy really!

But there is a a method to the madness. For instance, there's really no need to mess around with the [Template:topbox|{{topbox}}]]. If you want to add a bulletin, do it in the {{rulesbox}}. That's what I do ;P

{{contentbox}} is another one you shouldn't mess with. It controls the way the Featured Article, Latest Update, Improvement Drive and "Did You Know" sections are displayed. {{Latest Update/page}} is just like that, only it handles special work just for the Latest Update.

ErfWiki Main Page Control Panel
This is the very top section of the main page
This is info for new users
The featured content is displayed in here
{{featured article}}
This used to be the featured article, but has since
been re-purposed to be just a list of tasks.
{{Latest Update}}
Change this to reflect the latest update
{{Latest Update/page}} controls the image.
Change this to change the Improvement Drive
Change this to change the Did You Know section