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This template is for use in the paneler and pager templates. It is not intended for use on its own.

{{ LiaB_page_info

<pagenumber> - Can be any legitimate page of LiaB.
<paramname> - options include 'panels', 'turn', 'prev', 'next, and 'side'.

  • 'panels' returns the number of panels in this page of the comic.
  • 'turn' returns the current in-game turn since the beginning of the comic.
  • 'prev' returns the previous page in the comic.
  • 'next' returns the next page in the comic.
  • 'side' returns which side is currently active during the turn on this page.


{{ LiaB_page_info|pagenumber=1|paramname=panels}}

Would return: 8

{{ LiaB_page_info|pagenumber=1|paramname=turn}}

Would return: Unknown

{{ LiaB_page_info|pagenumber=1|paramname=prev}}

Would return:

{{ LiaB_page_info|pagenumber=1|paramname=next}}

Would return: 2

{{ LiaB_page_info|pagenumber=1|paramname=side}}

Would return: Gobwin Knob