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Speculation and Discussion

Taken from the Magical Speculation thread in the forums:

  • The embodiment of wand of wonder? Otherwise, no idea.

Element and Axis

Weirdomancy falls under Spookism, which is Motion magic. It also is aligned to the axis Numbers. My guess? It involves a magic like Scarlet Witch's (she's also been spotted in the Magic Kingdom): that is, her "hex" power to make unlikely things happen. Weird (wild?) stuff happens seemingly randomly when Weirdomancy is applied, generally to the benefit of the caster & her side. Commander I. Heartly Noah June 3 2009

Other Speculation

This was posted to the Weirdomancy page by some random person:

Wierdomancy is a strange, difficult to control magic. Its principle function is the radical alteration of existing persons, objects, or spells. A person, for example, might become much stronger, much weaker, become supernaturally intelligent, or simply croak. Ordinary objects could take on any number of properties, turning into weapons, tools, golems, or possibly exploding, endangering the caster. The effects on existing spells or magic items are much more stable, the existing magic seeming to have the effect of "calming" the Wierdomancy. It is not difficult for a Wierdomancer to alter a continuous spell or magic item in a productive fashion. However, it is generally much simpler and easier to have the original caster create the spell or item to the desired specifications. Additionally, while Wierdomancy used on magic gets out of control less frequently, the results of spells gone bad have a much greater potential to be catastrophic. There is even a case of a side being ended in this fashion. An attempt to transform a collection of spells prepared by the available casters into a coherent, weaponizable enchantment failed, croaking all those assembled, including the Ruler and his heir. Attempts to pair Wierdomancers with Luckamancers have found some success, although most sides that allowed themselves to become dependant on this practice suffered severe losses when one or both casters were croaked in spite of protective Luckamancy spells.

Weirdomancy and Teleportation

I think Teleportation is a better fit for Retconjuration than Weirdomancy.

We know that Weirdomancy can add or remove flying and there is reason to think it could affect movement in other ways. In the main article, there is a line under speculation, "It is also possible that at a higher level this magic can perform ultimate movement tricks such as teleports which put the target unit in a different numbered hex." I agree that Teleportation would involve the Motion element and the Numbers axis but Weirdomancy lacks the Matter element. Retconjuration has Motion, Matter, and Numbers. Given the potential game breaking power of teleportation, it makes sense to be restricted to the Titans.

Things similar to teleportation:

Hat Magic (which has Life, Motion, and Matter)

Popping Units (handled through unspecified natural magic)

Magic Kingdom Portal (more unspecified natural magic)

Summoning (Requiring multiple caster types linked together)

Arkenshoes (Titanic magic)

Hat Magic may make a solid counterpoint to my argument. It is certainly a type of matter transference that is not restricted to the Titans. Given the real world reference, it is even likely that living things could be sent by hat (perhaps only non-unit creatures). Magic Kingdom Portals, being point to point with fixed access, may be natural Hat Magic. My view is that the Erf Axis of Hat Magic is what makes it require a thing to work.

In my mind, Retconjuration would change a hidden "Current Hex" stat on a character and the world would move the unit to correct the inconsistency.