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"Neither of the two non-Royal sides we have so far seen, Gobwin Knob and Charlescomm, seems to pop new warlords. Stanley promoted his warlords, and Charlie does not use warlords. This suggests that perhaps non-Royal sides cannot pop new Warlords, but must capture or promote them instead."

I don't think that is the case. At the time, Gobwin Knob was being overrun by the Coalition, and didn't have the time to pop a Warlord. Charlescomm, on the other hand, presumably could pop most units, but chooses a 'fleet of Archons'.

I agree that the evidence isn't yet strong enough to say for certain that neither Stanley or Charlie can pop Warlords. But I think it's still relevant that we haven't had even a hint yet that they can pop warlords. If Stanley could pop warlords, wouldn't he be likely to pop some now that he has some time and all of the money Sizemore produced? Yet not only haven't we seen any new Gobwin Knob warlords, we haven't even heard anyone mention the possibility that one might appear. Back after Manpower the Temporary was croaked, at the start of Book 1, Ansom seemed certain that Stanley had used up his last Warlord. But how could he be sure that Gobwin Knob wasn't in the process of creating a new Warlord, unless he knew that that was impossible?

Maybe he just felt it was irrelevant and pointless. A freshly popped warlord would mean lots of turns and resources devoted to a mere level 1. Since his own side has lots of mid to high level warlords, whatever Stanley just pops would be largely irrelevant.

Stanley really just preferred to promote his infantry rather than popping Warlords (that was how he became a Warlord after all, so obviously he thinks they're better that way), promoting is instant but costs lots of Shmuckers. What Ansom really said was that Stanley had "squandered his leadership corps", this doesn't mean he can't get more Warlords, just that the best ones he had are croaked already and new ones aren't going to level up and gain experience fast enough. And, like Parson said, "he's his own worst enemy isn't he?" — Stanley is very incompetent, any risky but effective plans his Warlords came up with would likely have just been dismissed (Note his reaction to the loss of the wounded Dwagons).
Charlie is more interesting, I doubt Charlescomm can't pop Warlords (Warlords seem to be part of all capital sides) but that Charlie just doesn't want/need any. Remember that Archons can have leadership which is the main benefit of a Warlord except for the lack of a combat bonus. Archons are pretty powerful already which makes the bonus rather unnecessary, especially since a non-Archon Warlord couldn't fly which is a liability. [Charlie was only interested in Parson because Parson was a better strategist than Charlie himself] 04:56, 28 April 2010 (UTC)

In addition to having a random chance to be popped as a caster, Warlords may have a random chance to pop with a special (perhaps a small chance of two, or even more rarely three), such as Artemis who popped with the Archery special. A random special would explain why Warlords can pop as a Heavy unit and would explain why Caesar and Vinny have the Dance-Fighting ability. Perhaps it is possible for Warlords to pop with other Natural Abilities, such as Forest-capable, Healing, Fabrication, or even limited casting abilities similar to how Archons cast.

Upgrade in Capital or Field

Hmm, I think we'll need clarification on the original KLOG text from Book 1 which said Warlords can be upgraded in the capital now that we've seen an upgrade in the field. Could be retconjuration or just misinformation given to Parson early on. Could also be something special about a Thinkamancer since Parson had Maggie promote the Stabber to Warlord.

The forums figured it out that it was probably misinformation and that promotions can only happen in the hex the Ruler is in. Which often tends to be the capital and very rarely the field.--Ashendant (talk) 00:29, 30 October 2014 (UTC)
Is this Word of the Titans, or the most popular theory?--ManaCaster (talk) 04:19, 30 October 2014 (UTC)