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Speculation and Discussion

Taken from the Magical Speculation thread in the forums:

There are two interpretations given the extremely little information we have currently:

  • Conversion of units.
  • Cause traitors.
  • Add loyalty.
  • Recruit neutral allies.
  • Alter turn information
  • make units take fewer turns to pop
  • change turn orders
  • end enemy turns sooner than the enemy would like

Speculation previously from page

Considering the name, this classes' spells may have an effect on a side's turn, or turn captured enemies, improving their Loyalty. Another possibility is that the name is a reference to the "turn undead" from the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, which would suggest that Turnamancy spells are used for fighting uncroaked units.

Element and Axis

We know Turnamancy is Spookism, and therefore aligned with the element of Motion. It is also aligned with the axis of Erf. Therefore it is concerned with Motion on Erf, particularly in the abscence of Life and Matter. Motion without Matter might be time, or Turns. Alternatively, it might be Motion without the laws of matter - thus, movement beyond the normal auspices of on-turn movement? Motion of a unit from one side to another would seem to indicate life. Maybe motion without Life or Matter would allow you to "turn" uncroaked? Commander I. Heartly Noah June 3 2009