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Maggie corrects Parson by saying Wanda used a "suggestion" spell and not a "mind-control" spell, stating "there is a difference."

This could indicate that no mind control spells exist, or merely that Wanda did not use (or have access to) such a spell, that probably being the domain of higher-level Thinkamancers.

Further discussion of magic indicates that a true mind-control spell is unlikely to exist.Commander I. Heartly Noah

Element and Axis

Thinkamancy is Eyemancy, which is the magic of Life and Motion. Thinkamancy is aligned to the axis of Fate, thus it allows you to influence a Life (unit) and its Fate, but not physically. Commander I. Heartly Noah June 3 2009


I think the Thinkamancer in the Magic Kingdom looks as much like Noam Chomsky as Carl Sagan. Angelbob


Why is Specials on this page?

Only relevance to Thinkamancy is 'unlocking somthing in the mind' which is vaguely related at best.