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"there are four KNOWN arkentools."--stupidmeal "I knew that"-Stanley. This would seem to rule out parsons armband as a 'known' arkentool - If it is known, that means that at least some people in erf know what the four are. If sStanley knows there are four known arkentools, he presumably knows what they are- he wants them after all. Parson and his armband weren't around before the spell, and thus were unknown. Stanley doesn't seem bright enough to recognize the armband as a new arkentool added to the list of known ones, and especially to keep quiet about it. Note that this wouldn't rule out the Armband as an arkentool, just not as #4.

Agreed. Not to mention the fact that the armband popped the next day.--Paper Golem 11:33, 19 October 2009 (UTC)