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What really happened

A lot of people get confused by this strip, and don't understand exactly what Jack did. So what really happened and what really didn't?

We know from Page 115 Panel 5 that interacting with a veil breaks it. So, Jillian really did cut the dwagon. But we see in Page 114 Panel 5 the dwagon die as the gwiffon bites it. But it didn't die, as we see in Page 115.

So, Jillian cut the dwagon, but the gwiffon biting it was a "distraction", Jack's specialty. Veils need something to work with, so the falling dwagon actually is the real dwagon, but it's flying down, not falling. Jack then sends a distraction of himself and Stanley up into the air, drawing eyes into the sky. While everyone looks up, he recasts the veil, placing the red dwagon corpse on the ground and turning the real dwagon and its retinue into bats, which fly away. The only reason this works is that the gwiffon that missed can't communicate that to Jillian. --Kreistor 03:27, 26 May 2009 (UTC)

I don't know, I think Jack cast the veil a little earlier than that, about the time the walnut is mentioned. If you look off to the side, you can see a clump of bats that aren't doing anything, that are also vaguely dwagon-shaped. That's my impression, anyway. - No one in particular