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Removed from the Proposed Canon Section

It was also mentioned that it included several Thinkamancers and Predictamancers, in addition to a Findamancer and Lookamancer. Whether this means the casters were merely present or incorporated sub-spells in the Summon Perfect Warlord spell, or somehow managed to put themselves in a massive link with more than three participants (which has been stated as impossible) is unclear.

The only reference given is to Text update 37, which does not support this claim. Text 37 merely states that the Hippiemancers arranged things (no casting, only organizing), the Predictamancers knew about the conspiracy (simply because they're Predictamancers), and the Thinkamancers thought they knew everything (a joke about thinking and because they were involved with the link up). No indication that anyone besides the Thinkamancer for the meld, Hubble the named Lookamancer and an unnamed Findamancer were actually involved. No one in particular 20:09, 22 September 2012 (EDT)