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Halfarses? Any relation to the Dwarfy Shortarses? If not, I do apologize... I can barely tell one 'arse from another. --Noip

Hmmm, well the Chief of Speewah's Tardy Elves Natural allies, is Hugo Halfarsed which is supposed to be a reference to Australian actor Hugo Weaving who played Elrond Half-Elven in The Lord of the Rings. Then I change the last part to Halfarsed to jokingly fit in with the Tardy Elves since its slang for making a lazy or unenthusiastic attempt at doing something (e.g. The Tardy Elves made a "halfarsed" attempt to get to The Battle for Gobwin Knob).

I thought the Tardy Elves fit in nicely with the idea that Aussies are generally thought of as a laid back sort of lot, but maybe I am better off linking to that existing Fanon... Wait! No! They're a scottish lot so I'll link them to Nupomeland when I make that side up (a combination of Brittain and New Zealand).

I can see a lot of potential for the dwarfys as well. Multiple different types with themes like the Elf brands, various specials for those brands such as fabrication like the twolls (Pride Dwarfy?), shockamancy [[[flashing]] (highlanders lifting the kilt, Lusty Dwarfy?), mining(Gluttony Dwarfy?), tunnel fighting (Anger Dwarfy?), Lookamancy (Envy Dwarfy), Findamancy or Moneymancy (Greed Dwarfy), Flower Power (Sloth Dwarfy), etc. Not to mention using those mountable ducks mentioned as a link to Duckrolling, maybe with some special Foolamancy. I'll throw a big edit for them into the Dwarfy Talk page since you're the creator and you can tell me what you think --Charles