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I think we should move the Superfluous elf warlord up... he is around a lot. -Xewleer and is at several meetings (notably: Erf-b1-p049Same-site.PNG and during the actual battle. He may represent the elves in general. Also, the marbit commander, though without lines, is seen quite often as well.

I was thinking that, but didn't want to be too bold about it (The Superfluous Elf Warlord). Should he get his own page? Ditto the marbit commander. Auguststorm1945.

The text below is from RCC Council article. -- Muzzafar 07:59, 22 May 2009 (UTC)

Prince Ansom seems to meet semi-regularly with a group of commanders from the different factions of the Royal Crown Coalition.Erf-b1-p49Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p52Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p90Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p101Same-site.PNG Whether he does this for tactical advice or simply to soothe egos and keep things running smoothly is unclear.

This group, though attending membership varies, would seem to consist of Sir Webinar of Jetstone, Commander Jillian Zamussels, Barbarian mercenary, Vinny Doombats of Transylvito, Duke Nozzle of Sofa King, a Marbit representative, the Superfluous Warlord of the Superfluous Elves, and Scarlet and the Blue Warlord, who, between them, presumably represent Unaroyal and Hobbittm. Notably, no representative of Foxmud or Charlescomm is ever with them, and the Superfluous Warlord seems to be the representative for the entire Elf contingent. Tarfu might be included, but never appears with the rest of the commanders.

Of these, the most regular seem to be Duke Nozzle, Scarlet, and the Blue and Superfluous Warlords.

It seems no member of the council is Royal (other than Jillian) and few, possibly none other than Vinny, are noble, or at least that they all have more progressive views on the subject of equality than Ansom does. Erf-b1-p91Same-site.PNGErf-b1-p92Same-site.PNG