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Should the livery of the uncroaked warlords be on this page since Stanley let them choose their own? 11/14/09 - Cloudbreaker

I would go with 'yes' on that. I was just thinking of making a couple of small images, though I don't thing I can draw the foot and tag for Sir Leeroy Jenkins. Maybe it needs to be reorganized a bit though, so it doesn't get too unwieldy... --MisterB777 21:46, 1 December 2009 (UTC)

Livery vs. Raiment vs. "Emblem"

Just wanted to get this out here before I make a major rewrite to a major rewrite (not trying to start an edit-war, or anything).

According to LIAB Prologue 4, the definition used in Erfworld for Livery, Raiment and "Emblem" are as follows:

'Maggie': "This particular 'outfit'... I would call it 'raiment'... came from the Magic Kingdom.
'Maggie': "The emblems are called 'livery,' Lord. And yes, that is a common form of natural Dollamancy. New units pop bearing the livery their Ruler desires. Twolls can fabricate items which bear their master's livery. And when a caster creates another unit, as in golem-making or uncroaking, the caster sets the livery and other features of the unit's appearance."

So, it seems clear that Raiment is being used to describe the actual clothing, including the style, while Livery is being used to describe the symbol of each side, not just its colors. I mention this because, as Commander I. Heartly Noah has noted in his edits, this is not the Real World use of the term livery. However, since this wiki is designed to reflect the Erfworld version of things, I think we need to keep in mind that a word in Language does not necessarily mean the same thing as it does in English.

That said, I am going to go ahead and re-work the page with this in mind. It think it's great to have a full description of the colors of everyone's uniforms, but I don't think that we can properly call them livery and the symbols of different commanders "emblems" given the very explicit descriptions given to us.

--MisterB777 16:05, 2 December 2009 (UTC)

Fair enough, so long as the page doesn't focus on the Livery(emblems) to the exclusion of the Raiment(uniform/colors), as it was when I found it. -CIHN.
Bluh. I also see now the use of the word crest for the symbols. Livery is uniform + crest/emblem. Raiment is all clothes. But when speaking strictly of the image, it should be "crest" or maybe "emblem" when on clothes or armor, and maybe livery when looked at independently.
Good point, I hadn't seen those until I searched them. Queen Bea uses "crest" to refer to the skull-and-flower,LIAB Prologue 22 and Vinnie uses the term in talking nobility with Ansom.TBFGK 34:9 Emblem is used on occasion in descriptions, but seems only to have actually been uttered by Parson. So, it makes sense to use Crest for the symbols themselves, while Livery applies to the whole design (including clothing colors). Good call. --MisterB777 18:58, 7 December 2009 (UTC)