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Just thought it might be good to have a record of the changes made to the quotes. This is quick and dirty, but in the future it might make sense to add notes to the quotes... (this quote was changed on xx/xx/xx, see ___ page for details)

RetCon'd Quotes


  • "How would you make a magic blanket?" Parson asked, gnawing on a heel of the rye loaf. "If you wanted one?"
Sizemore looked at Maggie, who was nibbling cheese, and spoke up. "That's Stuffamancy. Really versatile magic. Weapons, armor, tools... Stuffamancers just imagine it and conjure it."
"Conjure as in make it?" Parson said with his mouth full. "Create it? Or summon it from somewhere?"
Sizemore leaned forward excitedly, rocking a little as he spoke. "That's a great question, Warlord. There's a big debate about that, getting right down to the level of 'what is magic?' and 'what is stuff?' Some Casters think they're the same thing, and that Stuffamancy proves it. But even the Stuffamancers don't agree about that."
Parson & Sizemore, LIAB Prologue 7