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Little Winged Potatoes...

Okay, so, I'm not terribly good at the wiki coding and making it all efficient and standardized, so I'll just be throwing this out here and trusting someone a bit more competent to put it to use... this is not the first time Parson has been compared to a potato. Way back in TBFGK 18, this was one of the first things Stanley called Parson, specifically "[...] some kind of crazy giant potato man!" - No one in particular

You mean the reference note thingy? I'll add it in for you, but you might want to change my wording. It's pretty awakward >_> As for how you make the note, on the page in question (in this case LIAB 41), edit the main page. Add:

#{{note|Your Note}} Text a-hoy!
Then go to the panel and section you want to change, in this case LIAB 41:14/Text Edit it and add:

{{ref|Your Note}}
This will make it so that you {{note}} points to your {{ref}}. Did that help? Miment 03:20, 5 October 2010 (UTC)

Note Edit

I took away the John Lennon reference because 1) Tramennis doesn't look particularly like Lennon, 2) Lennon never wore shades of that shape, and 3) I'm pretty sure Lennon never wore a tie-dyed shirt. He looks like a hippie - one type, at least - but not particularly like any person I know. Link me to a picture if I am wrong. - CIHN