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What is a "spell"?

Maggie has mentioned (albeit internally) that "spell" isn't really a fixed mechanic, but rather a convention used by casters to describe their disciplines in terms of a set of discrete capabilities. When Sizemore "spends a little juice" to fix the paving stones in the Magic Kingdom, one gets the impression from the wording that he doesn't really think of this as a spell. Possibly some casters only use "premade" magic effects with a command word, but other casters might think in a more diffuse way (such as Maggie). Warlords probably think in terms of "spells" though — at least, Maggie seems to think so. What Parson thinks is another matter.

-- As defined on the Spell page:

Spells almost always require the Caster to speak a word or phrase called a trigger word.

So clearly we are not talking about just "using juice". However some spells have only occurred when read from a scroll, which is clearly a means of storing magic for later use, its probable that these scroll spells simply require the "trigger word" for the spell to go off as originally intended. However, it also seems that a spell caster can use the "juice" from a scroll to cast other spells (this happens multiple time in Book 1) though the rules regarding this are not clear. --Darakat 09:47, 10 August 2012 (EDT)