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Why does Knights In Stanley's Service redirect to Knights in Stanley's Service?

To make the Acronym KISS and not KiSS, it should be capitalized. It's written that way in the comic. Why would we go with KiSS?CIHN

Because one existed before the other for a month. Also, written out as a title of something 'in' does not get capitalized unless it is the first word. It isn't the first word. The acronym is still KISS regardless. That doesn't mean when you write it out, you must capitalize it. --Ichthus (eyeBook) 22:09, 31 July 2009 (UTC)
Uncapitalized words like "in" and "of" tend to get left out of acronyms. So it would be KSS. But that doesn't change that Rob wrote it "Knights In Stanley's Service."CIHN