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I noticed something interesting. The hex coordinates given look like latitude and longitude coordinates in the real world. Putting those into Google Maps gives us this. The two would be located in eastern Washington and Oregon, near at least one active and several extinct volcanoes. Not saying it has anything at all to do with the comic, but it is interesting. Chris Goodwin 22:00, 20 July 2010 (UTC)


Apparently that left one of the coordinates off. The other one is located approximately 100 miles due south and a little west, near a map feature ominously entitled "Suicide Grd". Chris Goodwin 22:04, 20 July 2010 (UTC)

Hex Subdivision

I noticed that in the side picture, LIAB_30:6 and a few panels previous LIAB_30:2, if you look closely you'll see that each hex isn't covered entirely by a single terrain type. Out of the four terrain types represented (Plains, Forest, Water, Mountain) some hexes may be composed of a uniform terrain type (100% forest or 100% plains), but there are some that are bisected by a river, some that seem to be half and half (composed of a clump of forest surrounded by plains), and an odd few that have but a minute spot of trees. Therefore I propose that an individual hex may consist of subdivisions similar to a cities zones. As such there is even another pictorial source for how the subdivison would work. Drawing from Transylvito's War Room LIAB_34:1, a corresponding view of the city LIAB_34:9, and Gobwin Knob's more in depth view of the city (note the split hexes on the sides) LIAB_40:1. I've been dabbling with a little of my own Erf-fiction and artwork and so I did some experimenting and was able to make some subdivided hexes with fairly good accuracy to what's presented in LIAB_30:6. If interested I can upload some of my samples for observation and critique. If unopposed I will take it upon myself to add my theory and support under the Speculation header. Irondino 18:47, 1 January 2012 (UTC)