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Clone City?

Does anyone have an idea what a "clone city" might be? it is mentioned twice on this page.

From context, it sounds like "clone city" is the term for cities that have been (re)built by Gobwin Knob. For example, Motoroyal was razed and rebuilt as Dwagoncon, which changed what units could be popped there. --No one in particular (talk) 02:58, 13 March 2015 (UTC)

Gobwin Knob's cities

During LIAB Prologue 21, Ansom says, "When Unaroyal falls, we suspend expansion. Consolidate the side at 14 cities, and then we prepare." That indicates, before Un-aroyal, Gobwin Knob controlled 13 cities. In Hvs.tCF 6, Stanley thinks about his 16 cities. Between those events, Gobwin Knob conquered Brookstone, Progrock and Spacerock. This indicates that Gobwin Knob did not occupy the City of Unaroyal site. If the site is not occupied, should it be listed among Gobwin Knob's cities? Even if listed among the cities, I don't think it should count towards the total of 16 cities.