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The cited page of the comic appears to be completely irrelevant.

fixed --Ichthus 06:52, 16 May 2009 (UTC)

How can we be sure they had leadership stacks after the city was destroyed? The guy on the Weiner Rammer might be a specialty/elite troop, and not a warlord. Sure, a warlord is more likely, but we can't be certain. The comment "probably a warlord" is okay, though. - - Commander I. Heartly Noah


Going by the numbers: (they could have exactly 26 stacks of eight) they may be a warlord heavy group. They almost immediately had leadership stacks and were attacking surviving members of Gobwin Knob after the city was brought down by Sizemore.

We now know Scarlet and Blue are Unaroyal and Hobbittm, leaving FoxMUD with no represetnative on the Council. That seems inconsistent with a Warlord heavy offering, so I turfed this bit of Spec. If we can't identify a single FoxMUD Warlord, it seems unlikely they brought a large contingent of them. Warlords are expensive, and so you'd think they'd demand Council time. Heck, Elves got a Rep, and they aren't even Capital. --Kreistor 19:45, 1 July 2009 (UTC)

The Marbits got one too, and they aren't Capital - though they did send the 2nd most troops. The elves got 1 rep for like 7 tribes. The Marbit rep disappeared by the time of the battle (probably in the tunnels). Tarfu seemed respected but was never present - busy in the Forest maybe? Maybe there's a reason Foxmud never made the "privy" council. (There does appear to be a Foxmud rep in the big, original gathering.) Maybe Foxmud keep to themselves. Maybe they don't get along with Jetstone. Maybe they're more Barbarian-like (in the classic sense, not the Erf sense) and aren't much for discussion. (The only thing we've seen is them charging in, with war paint on, screaming "Glory to Foxmud!") It certainly would be more unlikely that they wouldn't send any Warlords, but there's no real evidence to support warlord-heavy. It's speculation in its purest sense. Commander I. Heartly Noah July 1, 2009