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Also possible reference to Harrison Ford: 1: his "break out" role was that of a Captain, Han Solo(any other rank could have been picked, after all!) 2: His outfit and hat are rather reminiscent of Indiana Jones, another famous Harrison Ford movie role. 3: Ford's character, President Marshall, from Air Force One, held a similar attitude of self-sacrifice for the greater good of those far away, but in the reverse--in that movie, he was airborne, worried about the people on the ground(in the US).

I think he is more likely to be ex-Jetstone than ex-Unaroyal as Jetstone seems to have a lot of forest capable units. Slim evidence I admit. --Asparagus2 10:38, 2 May 2010 (UTC)

Given that he looks like Gerald Ford, and his "driven, control-oriented leader" has been abruptly taken out of the immediate picture, while in the middle of a massive military endeavor no less... does this mean Jetstone is going to be his Vietnam? Are we going to see North and South Jetstone? - No one in particular