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Main page says it uses thoughts of the user, but apparently you need to "subvocalise", which I think is like talking so softly you can't even hear yourself. -- 17:34, 3 May 2009 (UTC)

Pretty much. If someone is subvocalizing, you can see their throat move (and possibly their mouth as well), but they aren't pushing much air (if any) so it doesn't make much noticible sound. There is one page, though, where Parson is idly talking to himself ("...crappy way to make a job offer, Charlie, at least Kinkos gave me...") in the same panel as he's replying on the eyebook. I'm not sure if this was a case of simultaneity (-> uses thoughts), or one-after-the-other (-> subvocalization). Even if it's one-and-then-the-other, though, the book has to know somehow when he's [b]trying[/b] to send a message, and when he's not. Parson was also able to use his eyebook while ordered not to speak. I think there's conflicting (or complicated) evidence here, that points either way. R3u 20:53, 3 May 2009 (UTC)

On what basis are the sounds related to 'monkey kombat' (presumably from Monkey Island)? The sounds there are Ack/Chee/Oop/Eek.

The seem to be somewhat related to the character

  • Charlie: Ta-Da (I have managed to hack the system)
  • Parson: Eep? (What is this?/Where am I?)
  • Stanley: Quack (i.e. fool)
  • Sizemore: Choo ('Chew' through the rock .. maybe)
  • Wanda: Ploip (no idea)

--Raphfrk 13:12, 6 May 2009 (UTC)

Stay with me now, it's a parody of "iBook", so the sounds are related to computer alert sounds.

mac OS:
quack: a duck's quack.
choo: AKA "sosumi".
eep: "wild eep".
ploip: "droplet", the sound of a water drop in a barrel of water.
ta-da: sounds like the musical version of its name.

the parallel to real life: Real hackers traditionally aren't using Mac. :D

Bob the Cannibal 21:16, 18 August 2009 (UTC)

With the 'monkey kombat' noises--I have no idea what that is--it strikes me that the sounds are related, but not the same.

  • Ack --> Quack
  • Chee --> Choo
  • Oop --> Ploip
  • Eek --> Eep?
User:Knight Mayor 09:48, 20 Aug 2009 (EST)

I removed the Monkey Combat reference -- with sufficient monosyllabic sounds, a couple of them are going to be similar, but there was just too big a difference for it to be a realistic shout-out. - Leszek 07:43, 5 November 2009 (UTC)