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I don't suppose there's an easy way to filter links to non-existent pages in fanon from appearing in the "wanted pages" list? Charles

Well, yes. Don't link to them. Seriously, don't add a link in an article until it leads somewhere. -- Noip
Well, its not a problem in the main Wiki material. In fact, its probably encouraged so that we find out what pages need creation and don't have to link to those pages once they exist. I was more wondering if there was an easy way to filter dead links from the fanon pages 'cos there's more than just the ones I've created and there could be more in the future. Obviously I'll avoid the dead links in Fanon, but if there's an easy way to filter then I think it'd be good to apply it. There probably isn't *shrug* Charles

Major adjustments made to the page. Original content is below Charles

This Page Is Fanon

Dwarfy Scrapers

Dwarfy are a short bearded creatures who in combat prefer to use battle axes to mince up the enemy in close quarters. The most famous of the Dwarfy is Baron Shortarse who leads his fellow Dwarfy into battle on his mighty steed 'Bill'. Bill is a giant duck.