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re: The background colors on the cells for individual dragon types -- they're making the words there slightly harder to read (not that one has to), and it looks a little off, in my opinion. Is there any chance those colors could be either removed or pastelled a bit, so the black text pops better? R3u 07:24, 2 May 2009 (UTC)

  • I don't know all of the color options. I just plugged in color names and got these basic ones. If you want different, just plug in your own names and see what you get. Or maybe the MediaWiki Help has a list? I'm not color savvy so don't look to me for that. --Kreistor 17:53, 2 May 2009 (UTC)
  • I'd say the "brown" dwagons are more black. I changed that on the chart, as well as changing the colors to match the RGB values from the comics.--Fluffums 22:30, 5 May 2009 (UTC)

Looks like the last update confirmed the armoured/unarmoured thing and the bit about yellows having a crap attack ... up to proposed canon for them?

Is the plating actually like barding, or is it some kind of natural carapace? Stanley's red looks more like it has natural armour rather than artifical protection...

- Quick check... Dwagons seem to be the special unit of the Arken-Hammer as Decrypted seem to be the special unit of the pliers. I don't believe we've seen decrypted Dwagons so far. (presumably because they haven't really been getting killed since Wanda acquired the pliers). Can Dwagons be decrypted?

Just something fun to think about: When Parson was hitting the oncoming siege, Gobwin Knob had 46 dwagons (19 with +56 move, and 27 with less). At the end of the Battle, Stanley returned with 7 left. Assuming Parson's calculations on the 35th summer update held, and Stanley has been bringing in an average of 2 dwagons a turn... it's been 67 turns. That's 134 new dwagons, or to put it another way... about three times as many as before. This is all unsubstantiated, lacking any confirmation in the comic, so really, all I'm saying is... that is a boopin' lot of dwagons. - No one in particular

I don't think that purple dwagons are weak

I don't think that purple dwagons _are_ weak; I think some ambiguous statements have given that impression:

- Erf-b1-p056 _does_ say "That far hex was weak, though. Stack had only three dwagons: a yellow, a purple, and a pink." - but that only applies to the forces in the hex compared to the other hexes, not the individual units. The other hexes can be seen to have 4, 5, or 6 dwagons each.

- In Erf-b2-p027 Stanley says ""So, when I showed up at Faq, I had thirty-six! And a lot of them were reds and purples so we just tore into the place." which implies that the purples were almost as well suited to reducing Faq's Capital as reds.

- The clincher for me is Erf-b1-p058; Stanley is riding a purple while it destroys a city wall; I don't think Stanley would ever settle for a weaker type if anything else were available. Plus knocking down walls seems pretty powerful.

My guess is that a red > purple > yellow. E.g. it seems that yellows are only good vs ground troops (dropping poop), while reds are good all over (fire is an area attack on air and ground). Purples look like they're good against fortifications.

I thought the same thing looking at the new page; however TBFGK 58 does say that the three dwagons were "weaker types." I'm now thinking that purple is > pink & yellow but < red (and maybe blue, green, black?) Again, their breath weapon may play a big part in opinion on strength/situational use. For instance: my bet is that pinks are generally considered "weakest" due to their non-lethal breath weapon. But obviously they are useful in certain situations. Purples may similarly be useful in certain situations; if they are better suited to attacking a fortification than open combat, then reds + purples attacking Faq would be more powerful than any other combination. Of course, all we have to assume for all canon statements to be true is that purple is average strength. That way purple + pink + yellow = weak types (compared to blue, black, green (for the weaker 2) and red (for the purple)) and purple + red = strong (as opposed to, say, green + blue). Strength could go something like Pink<Yellow<Green<Purple<Blue<Black<Red or such. user:Commander I. Heartly Noah

Yellow Dwagons can attack out of turn

That was a very important plot point recently. (12/2010) Seems like a special ability only for yellows?

That's not entirely true... they can attack just as much as much as any other dwagon, it's just the directionality of it that's been important. Other dwagons, their attacks are limited-range, forward-facing breath attacks, which will extend either to the limit of their range or the hex boundary. Yellow dwagons are unique in that their attacks are all downward, and will continue falling until they hit the relevant boundary, which is to say, the ground. Additionally, their attack has physical weight behind it, a trait only shared by the pink dwagons. Hypothetically, every other dwagon could have been firing off their attacks willy-nilly as well, but there weren't any targets that were in range from their position. -Noip

Purple Dragon Breath Weapon

Just pointing out that Book 2 text update 036 confirms that purple dragons have a sonic attack ("sound effects").-- 06:06, 17 January 2011 (UTC)

Purple dwagon as Seige

I think that purple dwagons can be used as siege units. This is hinted here Can someone confirm this?


The speculation about plating is listing every idea that came to mind, but I think we actually have enough clues in the comics to narrow it down.

  • Saddles are made through Fabrication.
  • Saddles are attached to the Dwagon with leather straps (
  • The same leather straps can be seen attaching armour to the plated blue, therefore, plate is manufactured.
    • This discounts the 'natural shell' theory
  • If armour was a pay anytime upgrade, Parson would have done it before the Harvest in Meet the Jetstones
  • Given the previous evidence that armor is removable, it's unlikely to be given freely as a level reward as that would amount to an item with a damage reduction feat, something that normally would be tied to the animal itself.

—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Knavigator (talkcontribs) 14:30, 9 January 2019‎.

sounds good to me. Go ahead and edit the speculation section --DukeBG (talk) 07:06, 19 January 2019 (EST)