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"but it may suffer a demotion if it was of a high rank and that position is already occupied by another Unit."

Interesting point. If Ansom was Heir Designate, I wonder if he maintains that rank. --Raphfrk 13:32, 7 May 2009 (UTC)
If I was king Jetstone, and I learned my 'heir' had died, I'd pop a new one, as it were. Thusly, Ansom is no longer my heir. He's definitely not Jetstone's chief warlord anymore.
The ranks of chief warlord an hier designate seem to be external to a person's self, i.e. part of his relationship with his side. I'd say he lost those he instant he died. I'd think you'd need to e on Jetstone's side to hold any jetstone rank.


I wonder - if an uncroaked unit is killed, but not 'dusted' by the pliers, can it be decrypted? If so, does it come back as an uncroaked or as its original unit type and level? There's a couple thousand uncroaked dead from the previous turn; I wonder if they're in the new army, and in what form. - Commander I. Heartly Noah


Noah, that "popped again" thing doesn't flow well. It's pseudo-religious (similar to "born again") and may merely be the result of the changes to Ansom's mind that make him fanatical. They may have made him religious, too. Can you consider inserting them in a different manner? --Kreistor 19:04, 30 June 2009 (UTC)

I had originally put "re-popped" but then changed it to quote from the update. In my mind, it's accurate. Or more accurate than "upgraded uncroaked," anyway. I'm open to suggestions, though. "an advanced form of Uncroaking?" Commander I. Heartly Noah

It was implied that uncroaked warlords could level. Is this also true of decrypted? Ansom has taken 12 cities at this point. Is he leveling


I noticed that the article did not have what I thought was the most obvious reason for the choice of word 'decrypt'. A crypt is where you go to when you die, and so if you are 'decrypted' you are taken away from that place. With no sources for either this or the article's explanation, I think this is entirely plausible.

Epileptic Twees

Could Decryption be a combination of Croakamancy and Healomancy? Jszellmer 14:15, 19 November 2012 (EST)

Decrypted Casters

Mostly speculation - but I think Book 2 Epilogue - Update 3 seems to imply that Decrypted casters are capable of casting - Ace's thoughts say "He could fix that" when talking about Parson's non-magical clothes... 12:51, 19 August 2013 (EDT) (Edit - forgot to sign - I should probably make a user account someday)