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Speculation and Discussion

Taken from the Magical Speculation thread in the forums:

  • Possibly Turn related magic
  • make units take fewer turns to pop. (covered by Turnamancy)
  • change turn orders
  • end turns sooner than the enemy would like
  • Most of these are pure absolute speculation in all ways.

Possibly used to gauge the appropriate number of feegs needed for a picnic.

  • actually the above all describes Turnamancy, rather than date-a-mancy.

Indeed, Date-a-mancy seems to be more "Data" and less "date"

Rather than data, perhaps date-a-mancy focuses on how well two subjects would compliment each other. The Laurels, for instance, are used to see how PAIRS of fighting groups would turn out, i.e. this pair would work out well (we win!) or not (we lose!). - No one in particular

Speculation from Page

Moved this back here, because we're dealing with pure speculation at this point.

Judging by the name and its association with numbers, Date-a-mancy may be used as a method of identifying which dates or times are naturally beneficial to certain activities. It would not predict specific happenings or interpret current events, but rather track the natural ebb and flow of the universe that is independent of the mortal plane to decide when natural universal bonuses apply, and most likely delivers these interpretations in the form of horoscope-like generalizations like "Next turn is a good time for building relationships with old enemies".

Element and Axis

Date-a-mancy is Hippiemancy, magic of Life and Matter, and the absence of Motion. It is aligned to the axis of Numbers. Therefore Date-a-mancy involves Numbers (dates? data?) that are not in motion, and concern Matter and Life. Search me. Commander I. Heartly Noah June 3 2009

Three things

I have three questions about this page:
  • Is there a reason why there's a "information" section, that's a copy of the canon section?
  • where does this information come from "Sides tend not to keep their Date-a-mancers very long, because knowing the cold truth behind our interpersonal relationships only causes grief."?
  • In one of the text updates Stantley suggests that taming dwagons is a form of date-a-mancy. Which also sugests that taming is a form of natural date-a-mancy. Where would I put this information?
Thanks--Ashendant 18:46, 27 May 2014 (EDT)
  • Beats me. Maybe someone made a mistake while copying and pasting?
  • LIAB Text 11
  • In the introductory paragraph of the tame article I guess. That's where I put the natural Signamancy info for Books and Libraries. You could also create a natural dateamancy section in the dateamancy article.

-- 22:26, 27 May 2014 (EDT)