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Okay, so here's my theory on how a "Battlespace" is defined: How far can the units in that hex reach? If the Move reach of non-allied units overlap, then they are considered to be in a "Battlespace" together, because one might be able to engage the other in battle. If units share a Battlespace, then the Turn order of their respective Sides determines which goes first.

For example. 40 hexes away from each other are a stack of Dwagons (move 50) and and stack of Heavies (Move 20). The Dwagons can easily reach the heavies on their turn, so they are in a Battlespace together.

  • If because of turn order, the Dwagons go first and the Dwagons move at least 6 hexes away (distance 46, remaining move 44), they will no longer share a Battlespace with the Heavies at the end of their turn unless they turn around and enter the Heavies' reach of 20.
  • On the flip side, if the Heavies go first and they move away at least 11 hexes and don't look back (to a distance of at least 51), they will have escaped the Dwagons' massive Battlespace (for now).
  • In either case, if the two stacks remain within 70 hexes (their combined Move) of each other, then they will be in a Battlespace together at the start of the turn, on the off-chance that they both move towards each other. In addition, this range might be further tweaked if the units have the ability to attack adjacent or further hexes (such as Archery or Magic).

~ChroniclerC -- 11:27, 19 March 2011 (UTC)