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The reason that the Archons are good with Thinkamancy might be due to them being the Arkendish special unit (assuming that they are). Charlie hasn't been seen to use any other unit type.

In any case, I don't think their mastery of Thinkamancy is evidence that the dish gives Thinkamancy power to all of his units. --Raphfrk 03:13, 2 May 2009 (UTC)

( I am of the opinion that the Archons are warlords (give or take) or casters (if they aren't warlords) So, given that they have a great deal of communication with Charlie... I wouldn't consider it far-fetched if they received abilities like we receive satillite internet. I mean, Maggie has nothing on them (I would assume she is a decent level). They are definitely flying units. HOWEVER, due to less knowledge about the variety of caster and warlord than we would like (i.e. can we have a warlord dwagon?), we cannot assume that they are because we must assume that they are never 'leading' stacks. When Wanda 'aggros' only Jaclyn, who is extremely close to Jillian and may or may not be her level, is croaked among Charlies Archons. When uncroaked, she acts like a flyer, with meelee. Warlords, when uncroaked, are still warlords (depending on how the uncroaking occurred, I would assume). Casters act like basic infantry when uncroaked. SO! Archons, except for maybe the blond one, may not be warlords, but are casters.

Conversely, they could be like... level 20 and super units. But Charlie wouldn't send super powerful units to this engagement, as, after all, Gobwin Knob MUST be known for it's Croakamancy, all it would take is one of his super-Archons being uncroaked (with a good deal of time spent on it) to tip the favor, severely, for his enemies. Charlie is not the sort of person to allow himself to be put in a corner like that. (level 20 flyers would be BAD news, especially since his base looks 'flyer only' accessible) He would not 'sell' his super-units to Jetstone, like he does the Archons we know. HOWEVER! Jillian mentions that ('You'll level', 10th frame) at least one of the Archons will level (Jaclyn?) debunks my own theory.

SO: Because Charlie will not commit super units for anything, and the Archons may level after croaking some wounded dwagons. Taking all their super-thinkamancy skills into account. We must assume that they are enhanced by the arkendish in some way.

) Xewleer. Apologies for the length.

I think caster seems reasonable. But, casters are supposed to be extremely rare, and never used to actually fight. OTOH, if the Dish allows Charlie to actually pop Thinkamancers with the flying ability cheaply, then maybe he uses them because he has such a surplus of Thinkamancers. Another option is that they are a unit which a special stat that makes them exempt from the rule about auto-attacking. Maybe something like "self-lead" or maybe, Charlie can directly lead stacks with the Dish from far away. --Raphfrk 22:41, 5 May 2009 (UTC)
My thought is they're more like Dwagons. Specialty units. They all have spells - or "spell-like abilities," like Dwagons' breath weapons. I mean, for all we know each comes with one spell-like ability (attack) and anything else they can do is a reflection of the stack bonus (perhaps they have a better-than average bonus or other special ability when in large stacks of, say, 7 or 8. That they can send Thinkagrams is likely a feature of the Arkendish. So they're like Transylvito Warlord + Dwagon divided by 3. Commander I. Heartly Noah June 4 17:11 (UTC)

Balder Canonizes ArkenDish as Thinkamancy!

That is all.