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Wanda says she used up our air defense spells because the air group is going after Fearless Leader. Sounds right to me. After she blew our wad, they peeled out and didn't frag her. They could have. Almost lucky enough to be suspicious, but I'm betting Wanda's with us and she's right. Need her to be.

So what happens if Stanley is croaked? He has no heir, so our side ends. Field units disband, and this city becomes "neutral" which is not as nice as it sounds. Units here freeze in time. We can do nothing until attacked. Ansom takes a few turns to get his ducks aligned and then curb stomps us.

If the city falls, I will probably be croaked. Or killed, as we used to say in Reality. I might be captured, but somehow I don't think Ansom will want me working for him. :P Turned and captured units have notoriously low Loyalty to their new side, unless you put a spell on them. Capturing is usually reserved for valuable casters.

I could try and negotiate surrender terms to include my capture, same as turning. But I don't want to. That might be the Loyalty spell talking, or just Natural Thinkamancy, but I think I just want to play this out.

If I gave up, I'd always wonder. For some reason, that's a worse idea than being impaled by a munchkin.

Hamstard: GAMER 4 LIFE, YO.