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Turn Number:7
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Ansom is seen from behind as he addresses a large assemblage. Jillian and her gwiffon are at the front. Vinny has two of the Archons hanging off his arms; the Archons have changed their stewardess outfits for schoolgirl garb. The group also includes three unipegataurs and a number of orlies and doombats.


Prince Ansom: Your mission is to seek and destroy Lord Stanley, then return to Gobwin Knob to divide spoils.

At the end of this turn, you will rendezvous with additional Charlescomm forces, break your alliance with Jetstone, and ally with Transylvito.

This will put your new turn at dawn, before Stanley's.

Charlie and Don King have been apprised of this plan.

Good hunting.