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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:6 AW
Side's Turn:Night

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TBFGK 84a.jpg
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Panels: 2
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Panel 1

Sizemore is in a tunnel, reading a book (presumably his eyebook). It throws a bright light on his face, setting his features in stark relief. Behind him is a stone wall, lit brightly behind him with rings of color from the gradually decreasing illumination: white near the center, then yellow, orange, and brown, and finally fading to black.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 2

A view of a right-hand page of Parson's Klog. It is mostly standard text, with one section set apart in a grey box.[edit]

This started with talking to Sizemore. He told me that Casters are Commanders, and can lead stacks, but they almost never do. Casters are too rare and valuable to risk, and they give no leadership bonus to the stack anyway. Only Warlords have leadership.

Makes sense. Except for certain exceptions. Like, say... the bonus those golems get if they're led by a Dirtamancer. Or the huge one to Uncroaked units being led by a Croakamancer(!). I need Wanda back, hard. Like half our troops are Uncroaked. So I talked to Maggie about it.

Maggie's a whole nother story. Can't get into it... I need her, too.

Maggie and I started talking Thinkamancy. Learned a lot. Incredibly useful, incredibly scary magic. We got into spells, communications, suggestions... and then she mentions "Natural Thinkamancy." Innate magic. Like how some units fly and some dig... that's "Natural Magic." When scouting units send back intel, that's Natural Thinkamancy.

But apparently so is following the Tool's orders. All units are subject to Natural Thinkamancies: Obedience, Loyalty, Duty, and others.

Obedience - Units are compelled to obey orders. Some may disobey if they believe the order goes against higher orders or their Ruler's interests. Disobedience may cause the unit to disband.
Loyalty - An unknowable unit stat, affecting how likely a unit is to defect or double-deal when possible. Thinkamancy spells can modify Loyalty.
Duty - Affects Commanders only. Has higher effect on Warlords, highest on Chief Warlord. Requires us to use our own initiative in the service of the Ruler. Can't withhold information, can't conspire against the Ruler.

So WTB?[1] She's saying Rulers are the only ones in the world with free will? I can't believe that. Am I just trying to win this war for Stanley? Thought I was just trying to survive it. What am I doing?

As bad as things get, I've been telling myself, "at least I got my wish, I'm running a game for real now." But maybe I had more freedom working at Kinkos than I do now. How depressing would that be?

Okay, I can't handle the reality question and the free will question at the same time. I gotta give Sizemore his orders.


  1. ^ A variation of "WTF?" (What The F***?) with "Boop" in place of the profanity.