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Turn Number:6
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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A large number of blimps, each sporting a dwagon mouth and eyes at the front, float about a mountain range. The most prominent is red, and bears a "STANLEY" logo on its side.[1] Others include an "Erfworld" blimp with a sideways gold double arch for the E,[2] an "ErfLife" blimp,[3] an "Erfyear" blimp[4], and a blimp colored like a killer whale.


Stanley the Tool: This is a veil?

What kind of Foolamancer are you?

Foolamancer: What kind are you, Nuncle?

-- who made a natural fool of an artificial one?

  1. ^ The logo references that of Stanley Hand Tools.
  2. ^ The "E" is the McDonalds golden-arches logo, turned on its side.
  3. ^ The "ErfLife" logo is a parody of the MetLife insurance company logo.
  4. ^ The "ERFYEAR" blimp is a parody of the Goodyear blimp.