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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:1 AW
Side's Turn:Night

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Panels: 14
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Panel 1

Ansom and Jillian are seated at a table, eating. Ansom's arm is just visible from off-panel. Jillian has just taken a large bite of bread.[edit]

Prince Ansom: So the plan remains intact. Staging for all allied armies is going to be complete when the Lofty elves and the Shady elves show up in two turns.

Word from the Tardy elves is they can't make it for four or five more turns, so I dissolved the alliance with them. I don't know why I bothered.

Jillian Zamussels: Mm.

Prince Ansom: We'll move forward in columns at that time.

Panel 2

Frame focuses on Ansom as he continues speaking.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Gwiffons, orlies[1], and doombats[2] will cover our flanks from the air.

We should be able to fight our way in to Gobwin Knob without serious losses.

Panel 3

Jillian looks annoyed, waggling the food she's holding.[edit]

Jillian Zamussels: But you don't know.

Prince Ansom: We don't know.

Jillian Zamussels: Because you have no Lookamancers.[3]

Prince Ansom: I'll admit, our forward intelligence is not what we would like it to be.

Panel 4

Jillian leans back, looking at Ansom across the table. A floating golden orb illuminates the scene.[edit]

Jillian Zamussels: I'll go in next turn and scout the way.

Prince Ansom: No you will not.

Jillian Zamussels: That gwiffon I came in on has 52 move. I can get in through the trees untouched.

Prince Ansom: Except for dwagons.

Panel 5

View of Jillian as she continues arguing.[edit]

Jillian Zamussels: Yeah. Except for dwagons.

Prince Ansom: So you'll be croaked. Or captured, again...

How many times would that make?

Jillian Zamussels: Don't obsess on it.

Panel 6

Ansom raises his hand, making a forceful gesture to emphasize his point.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Well I won't let you go. I'll send Vinnie Doombats.

Jillian Zamussels: *sigh* His bats have 22 move and are crap in combat. And you need them for short recon.

Think, Prince.

Panel 7

Jillian and Prince Ansom face off across the table, staring each other down.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 8

Jillian stands and turns away.[edit]

Prince Ansom: At least take a flight of orlies with you.

They'll only slow you by eight move. They're expendable. You're not.

Jillian Zamussels: Fine.

Panel 9

Ansom speaks, still sitting, as Jillian walks away from the table.[edit]

Prince Ansom: And Jillian...

The offer to meet in my tent is valid through sunrise.

Jillian Zamussels: I'll bivouac in the open field.

Panel 10

We see the remains of the feast, looking down at the table through the golden ball that illuminates it. Ansom and Jillian continue to verbally spar off-panel.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Barbarian.

Jillian Zamussels: Proudly.

Panel 11

Sillhouetted against the dark sky, a tiny figure moves from a small bivouac towards a large, radish-shaped tent.[edit]




Panel 12

Jillian, unarmoured, walks towards Ansom's tent.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 13

Jillian stops, looking uncertain, half-turned away from Ansom's tent.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 14

Jillian turns away and walks back to her own bivouac as the night life starts up again.[edit]



  1. ^ Orlies are mentioned for the first time.
  2. ^ Doombats are mentioned for the first time.
  3. ^ Lookamancers are mentioned for the first time.