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Turn Number:6
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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The right-hand page of Parson's eyebook is displayed, filled with morose speculations.


I'm sitting down in the Library, waiting for Sizemore to come take me down to look at the tunnel defenses. I'm looking at books. I'm told these libraries pop when a city is constructed or reconstructed. So who wrote these books? It makes no sense.

A henchman just came in and told me that the front of Ansom's column can just be spotted from the top of the Tower of Efdup. That'd mean the Marbits are in the tunnels now. Apparently we're using runners and observers now. No Lookamancer. No Misty.

I should be planning strategy. I should be looking for some brilliant save-my-boop move in these books.

Or should I? I can't shake this one thought...

I'm treating this place as if it's real. Because what other choice is there? Try to wake up? Hit myself in the head with something?

Okay I hit myself. It hurt.

In the "real world" you couldn't prove everything wasn't all imaginary, either. But...there's a lot about this place that seems imaginary. Everything's like a weird joke I only half get. There are all of these things that seem familiar from the reality I know, but everything is cute. Like it's been made safe for children. The people even look like children.

Except that then they die. What is that?

So I have to wonder if this is a dream, or a coma. Just my brain putting itself back together after some kind of damage.

This whole world seems to be made of things my mind would have known about. The food things, the computer things, and especially all the turn-based stuff. That headache I arrived with...was that a stroke? I'm wondering if

Meh. Sizemore's here. Going.