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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:5 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

Ansom, Vinny, and Tarfu are in a triangle, discussing the situation. Tarfu is sitting; this puts him at eye level with the other two, who are still standing.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Options.

Vinny Doombats: We gotta couple. You won't like em.

Prince Ansom: Go.

Panel 2

A hypothetical scene illustrates Vinny's first option. In the center, a red dwagon, head sticking up from the canopy below, breathes a ring of fire into the air. Ansom is flying through the ring on his carpet, in a scene reminiscent of a motorcycle stunt, with Vinny following close behind.

Other dwagons are also rising from the trees: To the left a yellow dwagon contemplates a doombat flying just in front of its face, with what might be the remains of more bats in its mouth. To the right are a green and a pink, their faces plastered with bats.

Vinny Doombats: "Option 1: The Flight. You, me, and the bats've got some move left.

We could blow through that big stack of dwagons and get back with the column.

We'd get roughed up.

But we could fill their faces with bats, and make a flyin' leap for the other side.

We'd make it.

I think.


Panel 3

Ansom, Vinny, and Tarfu continue to discuss the situation. Vinny is just visible, cut off by the left side of the frame. Tarfu kneels towards Ansom.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Leaving our forest units here in the dwagon's nest.

Tarfu: Prepared to make our stand, Highness.

Panel 4

The group is viewed from behind Ansom, looking toward Vinny, who wears a troubled expression. At his side, Tarfu is resting a long arm on his knees.[edit]

Prince Ansom: They'd be a lot weaker without my direct bonus.

Vinny Doombats: But less of a target. I think this trap was for you, Boss.

Panel 5

Ansom, stares straight ahead with a boggled expression. His solid blue eyes are wide as Vinny's words sink in.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 6

A close view looking up at Vinny's face. With his left hand he reaches up to scratch his ear. His right gestures as he speaks.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Option 2.

Vinny Doombats: Option 2: The Stand.

Get a Thinkagram to Zamussels.

Her, and the Archons, and whatever gwiffons can reach, come here.

Panel 7

A closeup of Ansom's face. He frowns from inside his helmet.[edit]
Prince Ansom: To our rescue. [edit]

Panel 8

A hypothetical scene illustrates Vinny's second option. Ansom and company are reinforced by Jillian and several gwiffons, bunched together in a circle with the leaders in the center. From all directions, dwagons are closing in on them.[edit]

Vinny Doombats: "That's about right.

But with you, me, her, Tarfu, the elves, the Gumps, the bats, the gwiffons, the Archons...

It'd be a pretty even fight."

Panel 9

Back once again to Ansom, Vinny, and Tarfu on the forest floor, looking down at them from far above.[edit]

Prince Ansom: He wouldn't take those odds. He'd go croak the rest of the siege.

Vinny Doombats: I said you wouldn't like yer options.

Prince Ansom: I don't.

Panel 10

From the back, mostly cut off at the left of the frame, we see Ansom. He faces Vinny, who shrugs.[edit]

Prince Ansom: We can't lose the siege, Vinny!

Vinny Doombats: Well, Boss...

I don't see any other good ways.

Panel 11

A close look at Ansom from his front right as he frowns.[edit]
Prince Ansom: I do. We take Option 3. [edit]

Panel 12

A hypothetical scene illustrates Ansom's third option. Jillian, mounted on a gwiffon, is seen from above as she leads four more gwiffons in a "V" formation. Close behind, the three Archons follow in a "V" of their own. The gwiffons trail yellow and the Archons trail blue-white; the background is just a green blur. It is obvious they are moving quite quickly.[edit]
Prince Ansom: The Hunt. [edit]