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Turn Number:5
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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This is a top down view of the map on the Eyemancer Table. The terrain is bluish, except for the far right and bottom, which is red. There are different styles to many of the hexes -- very light blue for water, black specks for forest, and light blue streaks for hills or plains. Three water hexes are to the middle of the far left, then towards the middle from there are many forest hexes, and then hills or plains everywhere else. In the center speckles of color indicate units. Notably, there is a circular arrangement that clearly represents the dwagons Ansom knew about. Around a center hex of brown, where the doombat Vinny sent into the middle of the trap, there are speckles of blue, red, pink, yellow, brown, and white, except in the hex directly opposite the red terrain. Ansom (marked by a shooting star), Vinny, and the forest units complete the circle, occupying the hex that formerly held three dwagons. Over the nearest water hex are many speckles indicating more dwagons, not quite where Ansom expected them to be.


Parson Gotti: The point is, now he's on the far side of the circle.

Isolated, low on move... no chance of reinforcements.

And look at our dwagon stacks.