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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:5 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

Parson is standing behind the Eyemancer Table in the Situation Room, shown waist up with gray walls for background. He looks a little intrigued.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Aw, he sent in a bat.

I was kinda hoping he'd just go charging into the center hex.

Panel 2

Stanley is on the left with Wanda to the right, and Sizemore partially cut off by the frame. Stanley is leaning over the table looking down at it in anger, his red and black bath robe open to the waist. The table's light blue neon glow lights their faces.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Oh, well. Now he knows he's booped.

Stanley the Tool: How? He croaked three dwagons!

Panel 3

Parson is looking towards Stanley on his left. His finger is up and he is smiling condescendingly as though he is instructing Stanley.[edit]

Parson Gotti: And it cost him.

But that's not the point.

Stanley the Tool: 'K what is the point, Hamster?

Panel 4

This is a top down view of the map on the Eyemancer Table. The terrain is bluish, except for the far right and bottom, which is red. There are different styles to many of the hexes -- very light blue for water, black specks for forest, and light blue streaks for hills or plains. Three water hexes are to the middle of the far left, then towards the middle from there are many forest hexes, and then hills or plains everywhere else. In the center speckles of color indicate units. Notably, there is a circular arrangement that clearly represents the dwagons Ansom knew about. Around a center hex of brown, where the doombat Vinny sent into the middle of the trap, there are speckles of blue, red, pink, yellow, brown, and white, except in the hex directly opposite the red terrain. Ansom (marked by a shooting star), Vinny, and the forest units complete the circle, occupying the hex that formerly held three dwagons. Over the nearest water hex are many speckles indicating more dwagons, not quite where Ansom expected them to be.[edit]

Parson Gotti: The point is, now he's on the far side of the circle.

Isolated, low on move... no chance of reinforcements.

And look at our dwagon stacks.

Panel 5

From above, the hexes on the Eyemancer Table are very large, perhaps a foot across. Parson, Stanley, and Wanda look on as Parson points at the circle of dwagons.[edit]

Parson Gotti: This pincer formation.

Stanley the Tool: Ansom's in the pincers.

Parson Gotti: His boops are in a vice.

Panel 6

The scene shows two red and a single pink dwagons hovering over a body of water, with trees lining the lake. A close look shows that they have saddles and riders, indicating that they are the mounts of the three uncroaked warlords.[edit]

Parson Gotti: And the whole reason he took this gamble: to hit our wounded?

They're not there.

They're two hexes past the fort, over a lake he didn't even know was there.

Panel 7

We see only Parson's arm and chest, but Stanley, Wanda, and Sizemore look at him with rapt attention. Sizemore looks proud, Wanda surprised, and Stanley's mood has at least improved to mild annoyance.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: So... even if he'd found the wounded stacks, he couldn't have hit them there.

Parson Gotti: Not with his forest units, no.

Panel 8

A fisheye lens effect distorts an image of Parson, Stanley, and Wanda staring down at the Eyemancer Table. The perspective is that of the table looking at the three.[edit]

Parson Gotti: He's got no water units, and his air forces mostly can't reach.

Stanley the Tool: He's so stupid!

Panel 9

A close-up of Parson cuts off his left ear and cheek. His face is shadowed by the light emitting from the Eyemancer Table, but he seems to be confident and thoughtful.[edit]

Parson Gotti: No.

He fell for the trap, but he's not stupid.

He just thinks that you are.

Panel 10

Stanley has crossed his arms and looks annoyed. He is not angry at anyone in the room, but is annoyed that anyone in the world thinks that he is stupid. Parson looks down on him from Stanley's right as he instructs the Tool.[edit]

Stanley the Tool: Does he.

Parson Gotti: I counted on it.

Wanda said he's a proud guy, and he's got nothing but contempt for you.

Wanda Firebaugh: That is true.

Panel 11

Wanda and Sizemore look on as Parson and Stanley talk off-panel.[edit]

Parson Gotti: In other words, he'll always assume he's smarter than you, and act on that assumption.

He can't imagine you laying a trap that he'd fall for.

Sizemore Rockwell: Mm.

Stanley the Tool: Ha! Well I did!

Panel 12

A scene in the field shows Ansom looking at Vinny in stunned silence as Vinny gestures.[edit]

Parson Gotti: "...

Yep. You did.

You got him, Tool."