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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:5 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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TBFGK 58.jpg
TBFGK 59.jpg

Panels: 6
Previous TBFGK 57 Next TBFGK 59 [edit]

Panel 1

A Woodsy Elf Chief assesses the situation. He is backed by two gumps. Despite the elf's height, the gumps tower over him.[edit]

Gump: Uhhhhh...

Woodsy Elf Chief: Can't keep sending in leaderless stacks.

Gump: Hmmm...

Woodsy Elf Chief: Getting overwhelmed.

Panel 2

Looking down at the chief now, Ansom and Vinny have joined the scene. The roots of the two gumps, as well as Ansom's carpet, are partially visible.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Indeed.

These may be weaker dwagon types, but they are strong examples.

Woodsy Elf Chief: Going to lead a max stack in there next.

Panel 3

Tarfu, the Woodsy Elf Chief, towers above Ansom and Vinny, as the three of them discuss strategy.[edit]

Prince Ansom: I'm not sure I want to let you do that, Tarfu.

Vinny Doombats: He's prob'ly right, boss.

Panel 4

We see Ansom from behind, mounting his carpet. The Arkenpliers are visible, apparently in a sheath behind the saddle.[edit]

Prince Ansom: ...About needing a commanded stack.


But I should go in with him.

Panel 5

Ansom is seen from underneath as he rises on his carpet toward a gap in the tree canopy above.[edit]

Prince Ansom: Gumps!

Form up!


Panel 6

Ansom leads the charge on his carpet above a horde of Woodsy Elves and five gumps.[edit]

Prince Ansom: We're committing everything but your bats to the punchthrough.

Gumps: Nurrr! Ahhhhh! Ahahaha! Dahhhr! Oooooh!