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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:5
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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A map is seen from overhead, consisting of a grid of variously colored hexes. Through the middle is a long line of tan hexes, containing miscellaneous colored markers -- evidently the tan hexes are the main road, and the markers represent the units of the allied column. To the sides of the tan pathway are hexes in various shades of green, generally darker with increasing distance from the column. There are a few markers in the light-green hexes near the column, but most of the green hexes are empty. However, a clump of dark green hexes contains a ring of counters -- the "full circle" described by Vinny. The hexes at a distance from the column and the center hex of the ring are cloudy white... unexplored territory.


Vinny Doombats: That far hex was weak, though. Stack had only three dwagons, a yellow, a purple, and a pink.