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Book (TBFGK)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:5 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 9
Previous TBFGK 47 Next TBFGK 49 [edit]

Panel 1

Wanda has changed clothes since the last strip. She is now wearing a short white robe with a red skull design over the left breast, with scattered red dots that may be smaller iterations of the graphic, while giving an impression of spattered blood. The robe is bound with a wide red sash. Her hair is worn up, held by a pair of yellow sticks. Blue sky can be seen through a window behind her.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: Good morning, Great Tool of the Titans.

Stanley the Tool: ...

I'm not happy, Wanda.

Panel 2

The room is Stanley's office in the Tower of Efdup. The room has 360 degree windows, capable of overseeing all of Gobwin Knob. Wanda is shown from behind as she approaches the Tool at his desk in the distance on the right.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: I know, my Lord.

Stanley the Tool: Your guy isn't what I wanted.

His plan didn't work...

Panel 3

Wanda has reached the desk now, and faces Stanley the Tool from across it.[edit]

Stanley the Tool: I think I'm just gonna promote a warlord from ranks and send Hamster into battle.

Wanda Firebaugh: If that is your wish.

Panel 4

Stanley is still seated in his chair, arms crossed and a sulky expression on his face, as he watches Wanda move around behind the chair.[edit]

Stanley the Tool: Don't you think I should?

Wanda Firebaugh: Mmm.

I think...

Panel 5

Wanda's robe is tossed onto the table next to the Arkenhammer.[edit]
Sound: pluff [edit]

Panel 6

From the front, Stanley is shown in close up. Wanda's naked arm reaches around the oversized chair to caress Stanley's shoulder. His mouth purses and his eyes spread wide in surprise and anticipation.[edit]
Wanda Firebaugh: You should relax. [edit]

Panel 7

Five dwagons -- two yellow, two pink, and one brown -- are seen from below, backdropped by a break in the clouds.[edit]

Yellow Dwagon: GRUNNH

Pink Dwagon: SNRRK

Panel 8

The five dwagons land in the forest, snorting and rustling as they settle into the foliage.[edit]


Pink Dwagon: MRRRFF

Pink Dwagon: RUSTLE

Yellow Dwagon: NESTLE

Panel 9

A large group of dwagons chase down a doombat. In the lead are two reds and a pink, ridden by the uncroaked warlords. Two greens follow close behind; in the distance are about a dozen others seen only as silhouettes. Below in the treetops the backs of the five hiding dwagons can be seen.[edit]

Sound: FOOSH

Doombat: kreeeeeeee!